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Rachel Love is just cruising down the street when she runs into this guy who is quite the smooth talker. He’s got a cute little teddy bear with him that conquers Rachel’s heart right away!

Once at home, Rachel’s new fuck toy becomes interested in her huge melons. She notices and asks him if he’d like to see them. Naturally, he’s not going to say no to an opportunity like that!

Rachel Love exposes her enormous big boobies to him and he immediately sticks his face right in there and Rachel gives his face a nice boob massage!

Naturally, Rachel expects something in return. She takes off her clothes and wants him to fuck her. Luckily for Rachel, the guy has a really big dick. Rachel’s big camel toe pussy lips love to have big dicks!

She goes on all fours and takes his cock inside of her. He drills her with his throbbing meatrod to kingdom come!

Rachel loves her twat being pounded by a meat machine like that. But in the end she jerks the cock off and lets it cum HARD on her big natural breasts!

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Dylan Ryder’s Big Breasts Get Some Attention From A Big Cock

Dylan Ryder is a school teacher and she has an innocent little chat with one of her colleagues.

Her colleague can’t help but notice she has a really nice rack. And Dylan Ryder sees him staring at it! It’s a hot day and Dylan has been fantasizing about cocks all day long while she was teaching her no good adolescent students.

Now it’s after hours and in walks this studly colleague. What is she going to do?

Well I’m sure you can guess that they can’t keep their clothes on for very long! Dylan Ryder exposes her large natural titties to him and it gives him a rockhard, throbbing cock!

He throws Dylan Ryder over the desk and spanks that ass. Her tight camel toe twat is already dripping with cum, even before it has seen any action!

He fucks her really hard on the teacher’s desk, drilling her cunt until she can’t take it anymore. Then he sits in the naughty chair and Dylan Ryder sits on top of him and rides his huge schlong all by herself.

She’s moaning like a banshee and she wants ever more cock! She almost falls of him but that’s not gonna stop her from sucking that dick off while stroking it with one hand. Her large titties are dangling freely while she vehemently blows that dick!

Lucky guy, that teacher!

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Melissa Lauren’s Big Tits Want A Big Dick Right Now

Melissa Lauren meets a guy at the bookstore, where she was just buying some interesting books. You know… because she’s such an intellectual and she gets off on booksmarts!

The guy ends up going home with her and he is trying to get Melissa to borrow him that book. But she doesn’t wanna let go of it that easily! She’s going to make him work for it!!!

So the guy whips out his huge cock and Melissa is obviously very pleased with what she sees. You can tell by the look in her eyes that she’s in heaven just from knowing that big dick is going to fuck her tight twat and drill her hard enough to make her luscious big boobs jiggle up and down!

He sticks his long schlong in Melissa’s twat while she bends over and sticks her pussy and cunt as far up as she can. Her big camel toe pussy lips love taking that throbbing cock inside.

She is on all fours and she is getting the ass pounding of a lifetime. Her lovely big breasts are dangling freely, swinging forward and backward while she is receiving his cock drilling between her legs!

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Brandy Taylor’s Enormously Large Breasts Get A Cock Drilling

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Brandy Taylor has a new boyfriend and she is just visiting him for the first time. She is commenting on what a good host he is.

Her new boyfriend wants to know what exactly Brandy has to offer him, besides compliments ofcourse. Talk is cheap. We wanna see some action, girly!

Brandy is one of those sluts that fucks on the first date. So off comes her top and her big natural tits are exposed to her boyfriend. He doesn’t know how good he’s got it!

He massages those titties with some oil and it’s getting Brandy really, really hot! Her twat is starting to drip pussy juice and she needs a big dick fucking right now!!!

She spreads her legs and has her boyfriend’s huge cock drills her cunt real hard. Her tits are jiggling up and down while her pussy is taking the pounding of a lifetime.

He licks her pussy while he keeps her legs wide apart, almost forcing her to achieve orgasm! She then sucks his large cock and loves the smell and taste of his jizzly cum.

Brandy Taylor takes his big cock between her large titties and lets him fuck her boobs.

He’d better be careful not to blast is load into her face!!!

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Madison James’ Big Tits Like Big Dicks

Madison James is a naughty little girl. She bought a cheap looking painting and her boss thinks it came from the 99 cents store! He’s not too happy about Madison’s performance anyway, so she’s going to have to make it all up to him!

She takes off her top and reveals her giant boobs to her boss. The boss likes the boobs, but he’s more of a pussy man so he spreads Madison’s legs and starts licking her tight little twat. Madison is trying to spread her legs as wide as she can!

The boss has his way with her in every position imaginable! He spreads Madison’s buttocks and licks both her butthole and her cum juice dripping pussy at the same time!

He shoves his big dick up Madisons’s twat and really drills that cunt so hard that it makes her boobies jiggle up and down. There’s real passion between these two… just watch them kiss each other and you know you’ve got yourself some serious big booby love!

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Jordan Blue’s Big Tits Like Big Dicks

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Jordan Blue is a cheap fucking blonde fuck whore with big tits and an appetite for cock like you wouldn’t believe. She frequently uses her big melons to get what she wants. And she wants cock! She wants cock in her mouth, in her ass and in her pussy too!

Once she has laid eyes on this studly guy, who is just trying to do his work by the way, she simply can’t hold back. She gets all horny and drops of sweat are already starting to drip off her big juggs. Jordan’s big tits like big dicks. And she has to have this guy’s cock between her boobs right now!

After fucking her boobies with his cock, this guy wants Jordan to repay him with a deepthroating blowjob and she gladly obeys. What a cheap cum whore this fuckslut Jordan Blue is. She gets the cock between her legs. She spreads them wide to get his cock inside of her as deep as possible. Next to a bunch of horny boobs, Jordan also has a nymphomaniac pussy that needs a constant supply of dicks to sustain it.

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Huge Melon Candy Gets A Huge Fuck

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Let’s face it… you’ve come to the Big Melons Blog for one reason and one reason only!

And that one reason… is big melons! Because in the end… that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Life… is a series of big boobies. You look at some girl’s huge melons and once she’s around the corner, you already start thinking about where to get a look at the next great rack. You just keep going from one set of big boobies on to the next. That’s life!

I’m right, right?

Well don’t feel ashamed. I do it too. For some reason, huge melons have a magical attraction that I just can’t seem to free myself of, even if I wanted to…

This is Candy. Candy’s got one of those racks you simply can’t take your eyes off of. What a lucky bastard a guy would be to stick his schlong into a big tittied slut such as this. If I’d get to spend some quality time with Candy and her boobalicious melons, I’d set up mirrors all over the room so I could see her titties jiggle and wiggle from every possible angle as I was drilling her slutty, cock hungry cunt from behind.

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Milf Boobies’ Phylissa Gets Fucked Hard From Behind

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Meet milf Phylissa and her big melons. It’s been a little while since she’s seen any decent action, but this guy’s about to show her some.

He licks her pussy while she holds her ass backwards with her bumcheeks spread wide. Her huge melons hang down from her chest and are wiggling in every direction as this fellow sends shivers of sensual pleasure down her spine using nothing but his tongue.

It gets her so horny, she spreads her legs and inserts a couple of fingers into her pussy. She won’t have to pleasure herself, though. This guy’s got some fuckjuice and he’s about to give it to her.

Watch as he fucks her from behind like a rabid madman. I love seeing how she lifts her legs to get as much as possible inside of her. I love it even more to see her big, juicy, natural melons bouncing around as she’s being pussy fucked.

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Guess what I’m longing for…

If you like big natural melons, you’ve come to the right place. Check out this strict looking office beauty all stretched out on her boss’s desk! This is quite a blessing this chick has received from mother nature. If only I could climb that valley of hers just once in my lifetime, I could die a happy man. I would probably spray my cum all over her double D cup before I could even get there!

Her huge melons look sturdy, yet soft… large, yet perky! And those nipples are exactly the right size! I wish I had two heads so I could suck on them both at the same time.

But don’t you think for one second that it’s all show with this girl. No way… she takes off her panties, lowers her fingers down towards her nether regions, and plays with herself.

It’s ok, sweety… If I were a beautiful girl with large, luscious melons… I’d probably make myself horny too!

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I proudly present to you… the meaning of life!

For all the big natural melon lovers out there… here’s a nice treat for ya. These big melons you see before you, are actually attached to a very pretty girl. So not only do you get to have a look at huge melons, you also get to enjoy her radiant sunshine smile! And she’s got even more up her sleeve! You see, this huge boobed girl has the habit of getting a little horny when she’s showing off her big juggs in the meadows. It’s not too long before she spreads her pussy lips and starts pleasing herself. She even goes solo with a transparant dildo that’s shaped like a walking cane. Don’t believe me? Watch the free samples then! Oh man, I love to see this gorgeous big titty girl spread her legs, basically begging for a real cock. I fantasize about meeting her in a haystack behind the barn. I’d be sucking her nipples as long as I could!

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